A special type of Jeopardy! contest that pits celebrity vs celebrity, with the money going to charity. Questions are much simpler and the celebs generally make asses of themselves.

The best Saturday Night Live skit is based on these shows. Will Ferrel plays Alex Trebec, and the three celebrities are impersonated as bumbling idiots.

Sean Connory always appears, mispronouncing catagories and cursing trebek. For instance, therapist - > the rapist; a petit dejour -> ape tit dejour.

The answer is.....He is the current U.S. President.....his first name is Bill. His last name is Clinton. His name is Bill Clinton. Some one say "Who is Bill Clinton?" For the love of God, someone say Bill Clinton!

Your Final Jeopardy answer is...name a number. Any number, any number at all.

some of the categories/phrases that get distorted/perverted:

"An album cover" = I'll take anal bum cover. I've spent years trying to invent one. Failing to do so is my biggest regret. -Sean Connery

"Therapists" = The day is mine! I'll take the rapists for 200 -Connery again

"The Pen is Mightier" = "i've gotta ask you trebek, about the penis mightier. Does it work? 'Cuz I've ordered devices like that before, wasted a pretty penny, I don't mind telling you. But if the penis mightier really works, I'll order a dozen!"

"Kinds of arts" = "Lucky me, I'll take kinds of farts for 800!"

A petit dejeuner = "Gimmie Ape tit for 400" Burt Reynolds

"Famous titles" - Everybody says "Famous titties", except Sean Connery, who yells out "Dolly Parton!"

"Famous horsemen" = "Look at the category, Trebek. Whore- like your mother, and semen." -Sean Connery

How can I forget some absolute gems, such as $Texas, Below me, in doors, or the time Burt Reynolds changed his name to Turd Ferguson.

Don't forget the great gems:

Alex Trebek: "The category is 'Words that Rhyme with Dog.' And the answer is "It's been a 'Hard Day's Night.' I should be sleeping like a 'this.'"
Burt Reynolds: Chinese Whore.
Alex Trebek: No.
John Travolta: 'Chinese Whore' doesn't rhyme with dog.
Alex Trebek: Yes, that's why it was a wrong answer.
Michael Keaton: I'm Batman.

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