A special type of Jeopardy! contest that pits celebrity vs celebrity, with the money going to charity. Questions are much simpler and the celebs generally make asses of themselves.

The best Saturday Night Live skit is based on these shows. Will Ferrel plays Alex Trebec, and the three celebrities are impersonated as bumbling idiots.

Sean Connory always appears, mispronouncing catagories and cursing trebek. For instance, therapist - > the rapist; a petit dejour -> ape tit dejour.

The answer is.....He is the current U.S. President.....his first name is Bill. His last name is Clinton. His name is Bill Clinton. Some one say "Who is Bill Clinton?" For the love of God, someone say Bill Clinton!

Your Final Jeopardy answer is...name a number. Any number, any number at all.