i stood on the edge of your cup and looked down into the 
shady darkness of a nearly translucent liquid that seemed to 
eminate a d r ear y calm

i  f
       l  from the rim and splashed into the putrid substance
the way you laughed at me just now was so..                              familiar
i swear i knew before the words left your lips that 
they would sting and burn to the core of my green eye

the darkness has settled around us but i sit here awake
pondering the way this day unfolded much like the way
your smile permeates a cloudy day with it's intensity
not that this day held such things, more that I am   
in t
    u m     n 
        bli   g  thoughts

perhaps it is best not to dwell on the way that the very essence of your being enraptures me, at this point, as i'm quite enamoured and would simply fall further into an endless spiral, upwards, though.. i licked your spoon when your eyes were averted.

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