Casema is largest cable-company in The Netherlands. They are also offering Internet access through cable. Their headquarters is in Delft. Some of the best sysadmins work at the Internet department, like ahu and mdavids.

A cable-company and Internet Service Provider in The Netherlands and daughter-company of Wanadoo. They started in 1997 with cable-internet and have had problems ever since then. They think they can get away with selling a crappy procuct and blaming the users at home for not configuring their computers right, but recently they were sued by the WIGG for being such a pain in the ass.

Casema is an old fashioned cable company. They went from cable to trying to offer good internet. They're full of hype and vapourware. They're marketting that they have fast internet and that they offer broadband, but in reality they offer the same (or less) as a 28K8 dialup connection, because they try to put whole streets on single connection points, which overload. And using their new COM21 modems, your PC will now regularly BSOD too. Naturally, Windows NT and linux arent supported. Nor is networking, which doesn't stop us from doing it anyways. One of these days cistron will get ADSL hooked up and we can all rejoice.

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