Cistron telecom is the rogue telco provider in The Netherlands. They will be competing with the KPN for ADSL. A few years ago, the Dutch KPN was privatised (they used to be government owned). Since then, other phone companies are allowed to compete. Much to the dismay of the KPN, who is hindering them at all possible costs. One of the things everyone is looking forward to is flat-rate calling (currently calling local in Holland still costs 5 cents/minute).
Cistron-Telecom is putting in it's own fibre-cable networks for data transfer, and offering users to switch to them. The KPN will be charging Cistron more money for renting copper to the house (last-mile) than it costs consumers, hence making it hard for other telco's to compete on prices. Cistron is seeking help from the OPTA to destroy the evil borg that is KPN.
The KPN naturally also have ADSL. And only allow other telco's to offer ADSL in areas where the KPN have already deployed ADSL. Eliminating any advantage other's could have in area's outside of the big cities. Unfortunately, the city I live in (Breda) does not get Cistron ADSL yet. I wait impatiantly for my cool email adress...

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