A company that makes a plethora of Internet-related content. They have a TV show, a download service (download.com), a news service (news.com), a web-builder site (builder.com), and many other tech web-sites with the absurdly simple names that C|Net has a penchant for acquiring. Some question the quality of their journalism, but they do have very up-to-date stories and good reviews of just about everything under the Sun.

CNet was also a peice of BBS software available for the Commodore and Amiga brands of personal computers. It is still maintained by a group of people running around although now that the Amiga is essentially a dead platform in most peoples minds it doesn't mean much except to those of us who wasted thousands of hours working on it. Much like many people on E2.

CNet is now CNET Networks. They own a number of online properties like ZDNet (a former competitor), MySimon (comparison shopping service), TechRepublic (technical help site), Gamespot (console and PC game reviews), and publish Computer Shopper magazine (sold in many news stands and bookstores). CNET started as a TV show but is quite diversified nowadays. Several of their businesses have been quite successful most notably download.com.

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