obExplanation: half of 666, or 333.

Alternatively, a fun game to play for the easily amused and good at arithmetic.

Well, more accurately, it would be called "fractional quantity of the sign of the devil", but that seems overly wordy. Although part of the point of the game is to be overly wordy, so that name would not be terribly ironic..

Anyway, the game goes like this: For any number you encounter, try to figure out the fractional quantity of 666 that represents it.

For instance, as I am writing this node, I have 777 XPs. So, for the amusment of anyone within earshot of me, I would exclaim "seven sixths the sign of the devil!!", at which point they would probably dial 911. Now, since 911 and 666 are relatively prime, your only recourse would be to shout "nine hundred eleven six hundred sixty sixths the sign of the devil!"

Another example: Given that I currently have 138 writeups, the phrase "twenty three one hundred elevenths the sign of the devil!" would be appropriate.

"One thirty seventh the sign of the devil!", is the phrase I would parrot repeatedly, if I were discussing the legal age for smoking in the United States,

Well, What are you still reading this for? GO PLAY!

I am a sick, sick puppy...

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