Also referred to as Story Server. It is an application server from Vignette. Boiled down, it is an over-excited webserver that uses TCL as a scripting language to access and manage content the webserver dishes up. Just like Sun's JSP, Microsoft's ASP, or the ass-kicking fury of PHP. It is so proprietary and crashes so much, big company's feel the urge to throw lots of money at it.

Also refered to as SorryServer.   As a developer that has been forced to use it I wonder if I'm alone in my dislike for this product.   However with a single web sever easily costing $50,000 for licensing,   Vignette continues to make money hand over fist.   The cost alone is a great argument for PHP, let alone the reliability!!!

Technically speaking it uses a database to store pages with embeded TCL which are prossed by a page generator before being delived to the client as standard HTML.   Due to a heavy reliance on a cache of already generated web pages, Story Server is nearly worthless for dynamic content.   Story server is based off a product originally designed by CNET

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