The CDTV was released in 1990 and was one of the first attempts to get a computer into the same sort of niche as the audio system or VCR. The name, of course, had nothing to do with it being a CD player that plugged into your television - this was Commodore Dynamic Total Vision. Effectively an Amiga 500 with a CD drive and no keyboard in a nice black box, the CDTV fit in perfectly with a stack of audio and video stuff. Sadly it was also horribly overpriced and software support was terrible. Commodore initially refused to let it be associated with the Amiga at all, and shops were obliged to have CDTV stuff a certain distance away from Amiga hardware and software. After the release flopped, it was rebranded as part of the Amiga range. Sales didn't improve much. Effectively dead by 1992 and really dead by 1993 (with the launch of the CD32), nobody missed it much.

With some hackery, a hard drive can be added and the CPU upgraded to something with an MMU. At this point it potentially becomes something nice to install Linux or NetBSD M68k on.

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