The first documented sighting of the word "Wanker" on British Children's TV

In 1984, at the height of their popularity in the United Kingdom, jazzpop band Matt Bianco was featured on the BBC's kiddie - show Saturday Superstore to promote their album Whose side are you on?. Saturday Superstore was, next to Top of the Pops pretty much they only place on British TV then to hear and see contemporary music at a decent time, and was pretty much the grandfather of shows like CD:TV. So there they were, happily sitting, chatting and surrounded by numerous kids, awaiting questions from the public in of the show's regular phone - ins.

Unfortunately, it turned out to be the worst day of their career, and if one of them has a bit to drink these days, you'll still see them reminiscence with shudders and even the odd misty eye...

With the Phone In beginning, DJ Mike Read, sitting next to Basia, Danny White and Mark Reilly, introduced Simon Roberts on Line 1 and asked him for his question for Matt Bianco, just to hear on prime time telly:

"Matt Bianco? They're a bunch of Wankers!".

To this day, Matt Bianco are associated with this one, simple line.

And the world of music would never be the same again.

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