A graphics chip present in the Atari Falcon computers.

The chip can operate on pixel clocks from 25MHz (25 and 32 present in the original Falcon), to approximately around 80MHz, using an external clock. The resolution can be about everything within the bus-bandwidth of the system.

Palette is 18 bits in size, 6 bits for each of the Red, Green and Blue components, giving a total of 262144 colours.

Monochrome (really, duochrome, hence 2 variable colours from the palette), 2 bit (4 colours), 4 bit (16 colours), and 8 bit (256 colours) depths are available in palette mode, using a bitplane method for drawing the image.

In highcolour mode (16 bit, 5/6/5 for R/G/B), chunky pixel mode is used instead of the bitplane way.

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