A rack for storing CDs. They come in many different shapes and sizes:

Flip rack
Small tabletop variety that usually holds around 20 discs. The discs stand upright in the rack, and you have to flip through them to find the CD you want. Usually made of plastic, but sometimes of wood.

Tall and skinny rack
These racks come in different forms: Short and wide rack
I think these racks the best. I find they fit the most CDs in the least amount of space and are easy to search through.


Sorting Your Rack

If you like to sort your rack alphabetically or whatever, it can be fun adding new CDs to the sorting scheme. Y'know.. just sitting moving the CDs one-by-one to make room for the new one.
Cd racks make no sense. Here's why:

Why go through all this hassle when a simple shelf will do the same job, for less money? You can also store your minidiscs, DVD's, Games and Books on a shelf, unlike a CD rack. And sorting CD's is easy on a shelf.

I guess there's less money to be made in selling shelves.

Cheap, safe, easy CD rack idea:

Hang them on nails or thumb-tacks

This method has many advantages:

I started doing this at my job, and it's worked out great...no more stacks of cases and envelopes to sort through, and we can find what we are looking for pretty fast.

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