Size specs of CD Jewel Cases


After having to do some design work recently, I discovered that the size specs for jewel cases weren't noded, strangely enough.

If you do this design work professionally, you are likely to need a 2mm bleed all around the CD cover and tray cards - as is standard with most print jobs.

CD Cover

The CD cover is that thingie that often is a booklet inside the CD.

Maximum standard thickness: 1.8 mm

vertical: 120.0 mm

horizontal: 121.0 mm

CD Tray Card

The tray card is the thingie that is under the tray where the actual compact disc is stored. In some cases, the tray itself can be of translucent plastic, and you'd have to design the inside of the tray card too.

The spines are those little things that fold up to make the sides of the jewel case. The standard is to have the text on the spine down towards the main area of the tray card.

vertical: 117.5 mm

horizontal (total): 150.0 mm

horizontal (excluting spines): 138.0 mm

spines: 6 mm each


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