Not to be confused with SETEC Astronomy, C-Tec is a fusion of the electroindustrial bands Front-242 and Cubanate. Jean-Luc De Meyer (of Front-242) collaborated with Marc Heal (of Cubanate) to create a lyrically and musically remarkable album called Darker. C-Tec's stated purpose, according to De Meyer, is to explore aspects of industrial music which veer closer to the human... as is eloquently expressed in the lyrics; the songs on Darker range from the spiritual (with Foetal) to the nihilistic (with Being Nothing) to the frenzied (with Silent Voices). If you're a fan of industrial music yet have an interest in the human condition as well, this is the album for you.

...Aside from which, how can you resist a song with a chorus-line like "We're on our way to being GODS!..."?


Vocals: Jean-Luc DeMeyer
Keyboards: Ged Denton
Keyboards/Occasional Vocals: Marc Heal


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