The K4 and it's rack mounted sibling the K4r are synthesizers manufactured by Kawai between the years of 1989 and 1991. The K4 stood out among others because of its robust effects and dynamic filtering processor, for it's time, and the implementation of per key aftertouch (pressure sensitivity) which is rare in today's synths. Most contemporary synths feature only per midi channel aftertouch.

The main differences between the K4 and K4r, besides the keyboard, is that the K4r did not feature the effects processor but had 8 independent quarter inch outputs instead.

  • Keyboard - (K4 only) 61 keys with attack velocity, release velocity and per key aftertouch.
  • Sound System - 16 bit PCM and DC waves (Total 256 waves)
  • Max Polyphony - Normal 16, Twin/Doubled 8, (32 Sources)
  • Program Memory - Internal: 128 (64 Single / 64 Multi) + 61 Drum
  • Dimensions - K4: 1020 mm x 310.8 mm x 88.5 mm - K4r: 483 mm x 218 mm x 88mm
  • Weight - K4: 7.3kg - K4r: 2.8kg
  • Power Consumption - K4: 5.8 W - K4r: 6.8 W

Short list of artists that use/used the Kawai K4:

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