Evolution being what it is, there is always the possibility that one day, we might reach apotheosis: that is, we might be on our way to becoming God, or a god, or group of gods. I always thought this was a singularly wonderful idea; if I had an eventual goal for the human race, this would be it. Whether by magic or science, by hook or by crook, I firmly believe that we're on our way to being gods.

Apparently, Jean-Luc DeMeyer of the band C-TEC agrees with me; this phrase is also a line to the song foetal on C-TEC's first album, darker.

I'm going to have to disagree with you on this point, Kesper.
Now, I realize that this was partially just a funny ha ha node to talk about C-TEC, but the kind of talk you exhibit above is a common misconception held by many people, and for the record I'd like to talk about it.

Back in the last century, and the beginning of this one, most folks did see it similar to that. The concept people talked about was "The Great Chain of Being" (which also happens to be a book by Lovejoy on the very topic). The idea was that, as creatures evolved, they became "better" in some way. Reptile to Bird to Mammal to Us, right? No.

Evolution does not imply "better". That's a qualitative assessment. Evolution implies "different". When we say that something has evolved, we're saying a variation of a species has become fundamentally different, enough so that the variation population and the parent species population no longer exchange genes. (An imperfect definition of species, I know. Anyone wants to pick up that debate on here with me, I'd be more than willing. Just not in this node, kay?)

So, we will never become "gods" as you put it. Plus, I'm an atheist, I don't believe in a higher power. And, we pretty much already run this planet already....so yeah.

This statement is also the basis for all quotations in action or thriller films which lead to the death of the one who speaks it. More likely than not, this individual will be a scientist, more specifically a scientist involved with genetic engineering. Trust me on this one. If a scientist guy says something even close to this, he will die, usually in some creative manner. The most recent movie that I can recall that follows the "equate-humans-to-gods-and-die" concept is Deep Blue Sea. If you haven't seen the film, you will immediately know when harm will come to a certain character; it's just so obvious. As to whether or not saying something along these lines in real life will affect you, I don't know. All I know is that I don't want to piss off mother nature or God and have a group of caterpillars come to feast upon my living corpse, so I won't take the chance.

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