The end-point of technology: when we can effect a change in reality just as quickly as we can think of it. When simply the will in our heads can effect the objective universe.

It's all about control--it's always been about control. Humanity studies reality so that we can predict it, control it, and prevent the chance disasters that might end our species: the asteroid hurtling through the darkness, the plague hiding in the jungles, the uneasy rumbling of the molten interior and crustal plates. It's about protecting ourselves.

I know it's scary. That's why so many people want to think of reality as a kind of ant farm, with a big comptroller overseeing the whole thing, keeping us out of harm's way--as opposed to what it truly looks like, humanity on a liferaft, discovering survival methods, learning to watch our own backs.

"God" is a destination: we aren't kids anymore, trembling at thunderbolts. We've got to grow up and take control of things.

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