The C-Pen is a nifty gadget that was demonstrated to me by some folks who attended COMDEX. It is manufactured by C Technologies AB.

This tiny hand-held device is used to scan text. It is similar in size than a CueCat, and has an optical reader where the penpoint would be located. It has a built-in LCD display to show the text you have scanned in.

The C-Pen 800 includes Global Systems messaging, Short Message Service (SMS) and SMS E-mail. You can sync it with your Palm Pilot to transfer data using the infrared port. You can scan business cards and addresses into your Palm and Microsoft Outlook. You can use this device to scan text, such as when you are at a library. Instead of writing things down in your Palm Pilot, you can scan text quickly and transfer the information later. A serial or USB device is in the works, and the unit costs $199US.

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