The Bullet Bills are the seemingly neverending barrage of cannon ammunition in Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series of video games. They are large bullets that are approximately the same size as Mario himself and are fired from large cannons. They are almost always fired towards the left, straight into Mario's path. Unlike their explosive comrades, the Bob-ombs, it is unknown if Bullet Bills are alive. For all we know, Bullet Bills are just normal oversize bullets with angry scowls painted on them. Either way, they are a near-constant threat to Mario and friends, as they make up the Koopa Troop's projectile weapon of choice. They first appeared in the original Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System in level 5-1, and while their appearance has changed slightly over the years, the danger they represent remains the same. Their one weakness also has remained the same: a good stomping will knock a Bullet Bill out of the sky.

There are other Bullet Bill-type dangers to be found around the Mushroom Kingdom in the form of Missile Bill, a standard edition Bullet Bill that includes a Mario-seeking tracking device. Missile Bills will change horizontal direction if they sense they have passed Mario's current position (as seen in Super Mario Brothers 3). Banzai Bills are massive oversize varations of standard size Bullet Bills, although Yoshi is able to withstand a blow from one of these mega monsters by standing perfectly still (Super Mario World only). The most elusive variation, the underwater propeller-driven Torpedo Ted, has only been spotted in Dinosaur Land's Soda Lake.

Bullet Bills have failed to stop Mario for nearly twenty years, yet Bowser sticks with them. It's a good bet that we'll see them again.

Bullet Bill Game Appearances

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