The Bob-ombs are the living, sentient explosives that inhabit Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers series of video games. Although they originally appeared in the Japanese Famicom Disk System release Doki Doki Panic, Nintendo acquired the character when it converted the game into the American Super Mario Brothers 2. From then on Bob-ombs were identified with Mario and friends. Some people insist that Bob-boms are merely an element of a dream that Mario had about the land of Subcon, but the walking explosive's appearance in other games over the years proves that he's as real as Birdo or Shy Guy and was, in fact, the first enemy to crossover from Super Mario Brothers 2 into other games in the series.

Inspired by their leader, King Bob-omb, a Bob-omb's primary role in life revolves around pacing back and forth across a given area. When startled or threatened, the Bob-omb's fuse will self-ignite, leading to a silent countdown which concludes with the Bob-omb's detonation and explosion, characterized by the appearance of the word BOMB! where the Bob-omb once stood (BOM! in Doki Doki Panic) . The blasts typically are fairly self-contained and only harm objects and people in the immediate vicinity. These explosions are fatal for the Bob-omb in nearly all cases, although there are exceptions. Black Bob-ombs are considered armed and dangerous, whereas red Bob-ombs (aka Bob-omb Buddies) are more than happy to chat with Mario and unlock cannons for his personal use in Super Mario 64. In the film flop Super Mario Bros.: The Movie a Bob-omb was instrumental to the fall of Dennis Hopper's Bowser.

Bob-ombs have been friends, foes, objects, and obstacles throughout Mario's adventures. We will surely see them again.

Bob-Omb Game Appearances

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