The Mushroom Kingdom is the homeland of Princess Toadstool and her mushroom retainers in Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers universe. The kingdom was first seen in the original Super Mario Brothers game and contains a lot of open space with platforms, elevators, forts, castles, underground pipe mazes, secret passages, warp zones, and two water levels. The kingdom consists of eight worlds that are each divided into four sections (with the fourth section being a world's castle). In Super Mario Brothers 3 it was revealed that the Mushroom Kingdom is the gateway to the seven mushroom worlds: large levels consisting of many different levels, forts, and castles. While Princess Toadstool is the ruler of the kingdom, there are seven kings that govern each of the Mushroom Worlds. In later games it was revealed that the Mushroom Kingdom also contains a number of go-kart tracks, tennis courts, golf courses, fighting arenas, and Princess Toadstool's grand castle. Furthermore, Super Mario RPG establishes that the kingdom shares space on the world map with places such as Monstro Town, Frogfuscius's Pond, the Star Road, Seaside Town, and other such places.

We do not know much about the location of the Mushroom Kingdom, although over the years we have learned about a few realms that it is near. Super Mario World places the kingdom near Dinosaur World (including Yoshi's Island, and Super Mario Advance 2 reveals that this world is a hot air balloon ride away from the kingdom) and Super Mario Sunshine places the kingdom only an airplane ride away from the resort island of Isle Delfino. Also, according to Super Mario Brothers lore the Mushroom Kingdom is linked to Brooklyn via one of the many pipes in the land. The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon series backed this up in episodes in which Bowser and his Koopalings invaded the "real world". And speaking of Bowser, the Mushroom Kingdom must be uncomfortably close to the Koopa Kingdom if one considers how easy it seems to be for Bowser to invade and cause trouble.

The Mushroom Kingdom has been pivotal to a number of Mario and Luigi's adventures. It will undoubtedly be featured again someday in a future game.

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