Hotel Mario is an "Educational" video game made by Fantasy Factory for Phillips failed CD-i home entertainment system in 1994. The game's cut scenes, have gained cult status as internet memes in recent years, thanks to the YouTube Poop videos which use them extensively. The game involves our heroes, Mario and his brother Luigi going to visit the Princess Peach for a picnic in the Mushroom Kingdom, only to find that the Princess has been kidnapped by their arch-nemesis Bowser, who along with his children, the Koopalings are going to turn the Kingdom into a Koopa resort. They have to find The Princess by going through doors and finding keys and solving puzzles in each of Koopalings' personal hotels (with names that were clearly parodies of real hotels like WoodDoor Hysteria and Seizures Palace), these puzzles were designed to teach young players skills in math and logic. It was followed by two other, equally bad, if not worse edutainment games Mario is Missing and Mario's Time Machine. These games almost killed the franchise, until the original creators released Mario 64.

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