Bubble Yum is a brand of soft chewing gum that came out in the 1970's from the Life Savers company. The formula was unique, and the kids liked that the gum wasn't hard or sharp like Bazooka, the poor kids version of Bazooka (Dubble Bubble), or the strips of pink-colored glass that came in packs of baseball cards. I remember it was all the rage because of its ability to blow large bubbles and to last for a good long while.

Because it was the first soft bubble gum, it made people wonder what made it soft. I do remember that the kids in public schools in New York City started saying that it was because Bubble Yum used spider eggs in their formula. This was, of course, a silly notion but it stuck. Sales dropped as fast as they had spiked.

Bubble Yum is still manufactured, currently by The Hershey Company. 

Iron Noder 2017

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