I have been told by one of the english persuation that 'Britishing' was the name of a catalog/company in the 1970's that specialized in knitwear and knitting. I haven't been able to back this clain save it be for one web site that makes reference to 'Britishing Knitting catalogs' at "http://www.fortunecity.com/victorian/canterbury/28/knit.html".

So it would seem that britishing is all about clothes and Mr. Pater has a dirty, dirty mind for thinking otherwise. ** grin **

Note: This writeup used to be very, very
different and very very pointless.
So instead of nuking it, it has been changed.

Britishing (named after Lord British) is paying real world dollars for cybersex and then playerkilling your partner as you climax. It's also the only reason I ever played online games. It's also the only reason anyone plays Ultima Online anymore. It may also be the reason hemos and nate are so into EverQuest.

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