The London based Furries are where the lifestyle started out in the UK, and is still the largest group of furs in the UK, and a lot of it's members are also members of other groups, which makes making a complete list of furs in the UK a difficult job.

The mailing list was first started in December 1995, but the list really didn't take off before April 1999, and has had a very steady population growth since then, the list now being up to 250 members, even if some are duplicates, and others are members out of interest in the group and exchange of information and conversation on the list, while not actually being in the UK, or indeed the London area.

Meets are held on a Saturday every 3 weeks, starting out in a pub in Kentish Town called The Jorene Celeste, generally from 13:00 to 19:00, using this pub as the starting point for excursions reaching around all of London, generally the market in Camden, Soho, and as there are a lot of young people in the group also Namco and FunLand. As many Furries also collect plushies, groups of furs can often be found in Hamley's, the biggest toy-store in the world.

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Founded as a breakout group from the LondonFurs on September 2nd, 2001, the HantsFurs are based in Hampshire, UK and have reached 25 members in a comparatively short time. Meets are planned on a very irregular basis, but information and pictures are kept on the official website.

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This is a group of Furries are based in and around Sheffield, UK (what a surprise there :) Members include people like Thalyi (a wolcat, wolf/cat hybrid). The group was founded on December 4th, 2001 and is thus the youngest of the UK furry groups, and it's 10 members at this moment, just over a month after the groups start, not bad at all.

Status on SheffieldFurs meets is unknown at the moment, but at this time it is still unsure as to when the first meet will actually be helt, let alone timing between each meet.

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The Welsh Furries is a small group of furs, consisting of such varieties as KurtBatz (bat), Finn (a dolphin) and others, and all live in Wales, UK. It was founded on June 21st, 2001, and has not grown as fast as other groups in the UK, though this probably have a good explanation, as Wales isn't exactly huge. With 15 members, it is the next-smallest group of furs in the UK, only NoT-Anthroz with 10 members is smaller (SheffieldFurs doesn't really count in this because of their status as the newest group), and meets actually organised by the WelshFurs (or rather, by one person known as Strider Icepaws) are very irregular and take place in Swansea. Most of the Welsh Furries can be found at meets around the UK, often LondonFurs.


This group of Furries who live in the Midlands, England, was founded on January 26th, 2001 and has grown fairly quickly to 47 members. Because of the open nature of the English Furry society, most of these furs are probably to be found on other lists as well, thus making a complete survery on how many UK furs are actually out there a pretty tough job.

Meets are helt on an irregular basis but are well-documented and details on the next meet are always available on the MidFurs website.

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The NoT-Anthroz are a small group of furs from the Newcastle upon Tyne area in the UK, hence the name (Newcastle Opon Tyne).

Founded on October 11, 2001 as a breakout group from the NorthernFurs, because of the geographical difficulties in getting from Newcastle to the meet places of both the NorthernFurs and the ScotFurs, and actually being right between the two caused a split, the NoT-Anthroz are now up to 10 members. They are still few, but are slowly growing to be more and more.

And, apparently, the webmaster is totally USELESS :)

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Small, and slowly growing, the ScotFurs group consists of furs from the top end of Britain. It was founded on the 25th December 2000 by a tiger known as Crumbs. Members include Fionacat (biker kitty), nullmouse (maus) and Kytheraen (leopard). Predominant cat society, it seems.

Meets are sporadic, usually when someone brings up the topic one is arranged. And takes months to plan. Cities chosen for meets are Aberdeen, St. Andrews, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Thank you to Kytheraen, who provided this bit


The NorthernFurs group was started on August 30th, 2000 as a response to the fact that the LondonFurs was the only furry community in the UK, and with about 800 miles from London to the north of England, it was decided another group was needed. The NorthernFurs grew rapidly and is now up to 90 members, of which most probably are members of the LondonFurs list as well.

Members of this group include such people as TR_Wolf (a, well, wolf), Avon (a deer), and YaoiKitty (a kitty)

Meets are helt on the last Saturday of every month, and the location is one of 5 cities in the north on a set rota going between; Manchester, Sheffield, York, Leeds, Liverpool, Chester.

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