I noticed there's a few furry noders around. Yes, yes, this is a "getting to know you" node and yes, it probably sucks. But then, what's wrong with that. And no one's gonna complain if it doesn't swallow.

Anyway. I also wanted somewhere to post the following. I've started writing it on a couple of other nodes already but it didn't really fit.

A common theme amongst those discovering their inner furriness seems to be a willingness to accept other approaches to their sexuality.

WWWWolf recounts (on his website, http://www.iki.fi/wwwwolf/furry/sexual.html) almost identical changes in attitude towards other sentient creatures as I experienced. Before discovering furries, I'd already realised I wasn't 100% straight. But then, I wasn't gay (which seems to exclude any desire for het relationships). In fact, I didn't feel that "sexual orientation" really meant much - it's just a set of filters that one puts in place to reduce opportunities for sexual gratification.

Okay, that goes beyond WWWWolf's commentary - but it's in the same vein.

So, what is fur pride? To quote the Fur Pride homepage (URL removed: site defunct, sadly):
It's the ideal that gay furs should feel confident and proud of both their gayness and their furriness. Too often I would talk to furs on mucks to discover they were still in the closet about both their sexual orientation and the fact that they were furry.
Being furry, of course, goes beyond sexual orientation. What I find notable is that so many more furries seem to be bi-sexual than non-furries. The point I'm rambling towards is that I think the straight-jacket of "normal" sexual roles (i.e. gay/straight) is more easily relinquished than the acceptance by one's self of furriness.

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