The facts: The Brian Eno node comes up way too many times than is statistically possible when one clicks on Random Node. It's true. Try it.

The hypothesis: Nate, being a big Brian Eno fan, has maliciously weighted the random node engine to bring up this particular node, in hopes of indoctrinating us all in Eno Worship. Soon, he and Brian Eno will rule the world with the help of subliminal mind-control mechanisms present in ambient music.

Join the Anti-Eno Revolution! Knowledge is power!

Embedded in The secret heart of Everything is something called the Brian Enode. Every time that anyone in the world reboots Microsoft Windows (which seems to happen quite a bit) and it makes The Microsoft Sound, a small counter in the Brian Enode is incremented. Whenever the counter reaches a secret preset amount (known only to nate), then the Random Node automagically selects Brian Eno and the Brian Enode counter resets to zero.

Brian Eno was the first node on Everything. It was inserted manually into the database, (before the Create a Node function was coded). The Brian Eno node has the lowest node_ID, that may be the reason that it comes up so often in random nodes, (that could be a distinct possibility, depending on how random nodes is coded). Of course the other option is that nate made it work this way on purpose. So that the "Adam" of nodes would appear most often.

I have actually read the first 1000 or so nodes, (go to node ID 10156, and then keep adding 1 to read the nodes in order). Brian Eno and The Simpsons are the parents of all nodes, (it was the second node). A large portion of the next 1000 nodes spring from these 2 nodes. Nate's original writeup under The Simpsons is gone, but his Brian Eno writeup is protected and will live eternally.

Actually the Brian Eno node has the lowest node_ID of normal nodes, (a few of the functional nodes have lower IDs).

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