A UK-based pop group featuring Muffin Spencer, little sister of Jon Spencer, on vocals and guitar, Stefan Gordon on guitar, Karen Frost on bass and vocals and Johnny Barrington (DJ Swett) as combined drummer/turntablist. They rock like bastards!

Their sound lies on some weird axis connecting the less indecipherable parts of the JSBX sampled-beats-'n'-guitars schtick, sassy old-school fem-rap (is there such a thing?) and Beasties-inspired punk/hardcore/hip-hop party stylings. Danceable, bassy pop. At time of writing they are preparing to release the album Gettin Wise. They're signed to Beggars Banquet in the USA and Wiiija in the UK. I think.

In short, classier than a sturgeon on crack!

Complete discography as of first quarter, 2003 (mainly Wiiija Records):


Brass"y (&?;), a.


Of or pertaining to brass; having the nature, appearance, or hardness, of brass.


Impudent; impudently bold. [Colloq.]


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Brass"y (?), n. [Written also brassie and brassey.] (Golf)

A wooden club soled with brass.


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