DJ Assault creates and mixes a style of music called Ghetto Tech, and has been championed by the media as its king. Assault’s real name is Craig Adams, he began DJing local parties in Detroit at 12 years old. His mixing style is fast and furious, with lots of quick cuts and scratches. In a typical mix he will go through over 100 records in an hour. Together with his partner Mr. De (Ade' Mainor), Assault created two record labels (Electrofunk Records and Assault Rifle Records) and from 1996 to 2000 they released many Ghetto Tech anthems. Most releases under the name DJ Assault during this period are actually collaborations between Craig Adams and Mr. De. In mid 2000 Assault and Mr. De parted ways. Assault is now releasing records on Intuit-solar and has started a new label called Jefferson Ave.


DJ Assault also appears on:
  • Belle Isle Tech (Mo Wax) 2000
  • Be There 1999 IMPORT (GENERIC)

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