The frontwoman, lead guitarist and lead vocalist for Brassy, an always-entertaining British pop group.
"Muffin Spencer is utterly magnetic - lungs of mercury, presence of venus." -- Melody Maker
Trivia: She's the sister of Jon Spencer and almost as tall. During the 2000 tour for Got it Made she took to wearing football kit at the gigs. She appears to be a big fan of Laverne and Shirley. 'Muffin' is her real name:
It’s my birthname. It’s what my mom was having for breakfast when I was born. She was eating a pumpkin muffin and when I came out she thought I looked like a pumpkin muffin.

Bio: She used to live in New Hampshire, USA, until the age of 17 when she moved to the UK. (This would have been during 1986, I think, though this makes her seem rather old.) At the time she was really into lots of UK bands -- The Fall, The Smiths, James -- but her taste later moved to include soul and hip-hop, which are key elements of the Brassy sound. The band began work in 1996, only releasing their first album as recently as 2000.

Not to be confused with Muffin Spencer-Devlin, the lesbian pro golfer.

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