The brass dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Brass dragons are one of the smaller species of dragons. They are highly intelligent and they tend to speak the common tongues of the land with extreme fluency. Brass dragons value talking and conversation above all things. They are similar to boring old men who will go on speaking and speaking at length for hours about subjects that no one cares about. Most brass dragons are loaded down with knowledge and information, but trying to actually get the knowledge you are looking for is a painful process indeed. Ask a brass dragon about a giant in the nearby marsh and you will get a three hour rambling story about something they once did in the marsh, eventually it will drift off into something else entirely, and you'll end up having to ask them again, at which point they will begin talking about social customs of the southern giants.

Brass dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out dull and ugly looking, as the dragon ages it takes on a highly polished brassy appearance. They have the ability to breathe both sleeping gas and great heat. This ability becomes more and more powerful as the dragon ages. All brass dragons can speak to (and bore) animals, and some older dragons gain the ability to create water, plant mental suggestions and control the wind.

Brass dragons almost always make their homes in hot dry climates, such as deserts and steppes. They truly enjoy the feel of the warm sun on their bodies and can often be seen sunning themselves right out in the open. They avoid blue dragons and will usually team up in groups to drive them away wherever they are discovered.

These dragons raise their young in pairs, and even single dragons tend to have other dragon friends. They incubate the eggs and raise them to adulthood and they are thorough and loving parents. They will fight to protect their own young, and will die in the process if it comes down to it.

If at all possible brass dragons prefer to dwell in caves that are high up on the faces of cliffs, facing east if at all possible.

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