The Celtic Dragon Tarot Set

A Guide to the Celtic Dragon Tarot copyright 1999 by D.J. Conway who is also author of Dancing with Dragons; Animal Magick; Shapeshifter Tarot; Celtic Magic; and The Mysterious, Magickal Cat
Illustrations copyright 1999 by Lisa Hunt. She has also illustrated the Llewellyn books Maiden, Mother, Crone; Greenfire; and The Shapeshifter Tarot deck.

This tarot deck integrates the power of Celtic Wiccan magick and the power of dragons to help you on your way to self-discovery. The most prominent differences are that the suits and their related elements are different than most tarot decks. The suits of Wands and Swords have been switched:

In most decks Wands are related to the element Fire despite the fact that in Wiccan and Celtic tradition they are related to Air; and Swords are related to Air instead of Fire which is the traditional element, so D.J. Conway had it switched. Swords are related to Fire and Wands to Air in this specific deck.

Also, the names of the 5th and 15th cards have been changed. Card #5 is now The High Priest and card #15 is now Chains because the usual names applied to those cards have nothing to do with pre-Christian Celtic spirituality.

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