The Capital of Brazil. Brasilia was created between 1956 and 1960 by the Brazilian government specifically to be the capital of the country. Brasilia is the project of Oscar Niemeyer, a vanguard brazilian architect. Today, Brasilia
is a pretty boring place. Demographic explosion led to failure in the original project. The architecture and decorations reflect the ideas about how the future would be, back in the '60s. Detractors strongly believe that the sole reason for building a Capital from scratch, and far away from everything else was to make it easier for politicians to carry away with corruption and their private agendas. That's possibly very true.

Rio de Janeiro was established as the capital of Brazil by the Portugese when the country was their colony. However, independent Brazil increasingly came to feel that it should create its own capital city. In 1956 President Kubitschek de Oliveira was elected to office and he decided to give the country its new capital.

The noted architects Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer were employed to plan and lay out the new city. A site was chosen deep in the interior, in a range of hills called the Serra Geral do Parana and work began.

The jungle was hacked down to make room for city streets, office blocks and housing areas. The name for the new city was declared to be Brasilia. It is probably the best-known example of modern town planning, having been started from untouched territory. In some ways it is a wonder of modern architecture, but in others it has failed to become a vibrant, living city as was the old capital.

The construction of Brasilia led to a great devastation of Cerrado, a variation of the Savanna found in Africa. Today about 50% exist and is decreasing fast, thanks to the lack of interest from the local government to control the Demographic explosion.

The city have an interesting architeture, but the same can´t be said about its population. Many of them are sons of politicians, what make the phrase "You know who you´re talking to?" pretty common. Others are agressive or dull, and very few people are worried about using brains in a conversation. Preconception and ignorance are perceived not only between the poor, but in the rich as well.

Concerts and cultural activites were scarce few years ago, but today are more often. The people, however, seems to lack simple rules of education. Agressions and bad behavior as smoking in concerts (and burning passing people with cigarettes) or talking to cell phones in movies are usual.

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