This node is fictional. Refer to Continental Class Space Battleships.

Utterly godforsaken outpost of the Confederate Navy, somewhere really really far out. The exact position is classified, but ever since the 2168 disaster happening off the dock, everyone has seen pictures of the small, ugly station orbiting a planetless star. (Factoid: On all those press photos and vidcaps, the actual star was painted over in a somewhat cartoonish yellow in order to prevent guessing which star it really was by its spectrum.)

The lost battle which has made Faraway Dock famous is commonly referred to only as the "Faraway Dock disaster", as if it had been some kind of natural catastrophe. The first and to date only complete loss of a Continental Class battleship, the CNS America, occurred there on February 22nd, 2168. Navy recon had located at least one of the four non-human cruisers converging on the outpost, yet somehow the CDVD (Confederate Distributed Vessel Database) did not correctly store this datum, which was later found to be the consequence of a software bug. Then, the America left discontinuity drive at more than twice the usual safety distance to the base, apparently to conduct firing tests of its main engines during the run to the dock. The four cruisers resurfaced from discontinuity in perfect formation and attack distance and immediately opened fire with long-range torpedoes when the America's relative speed still was practically zero.

Nevertheless, the America managed to evade or intercept most of the torpedoes. Others simply missed. The battle turned into an ugly knife-fight, with the cruisers doing more than 14 attack runs over about three days till the battleship was finally destroyed. It remains unknown why there was no recorded attempt by the America to enter discontinuity drive and escape. Probably the ship's company considered it their duty to protect the outpost, which was scarcely guarded at the time.

For the more than 2700 casualties aboard the CNS America, a memorial was erected in the ship's symbolic home port, Brasilia.

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