Cigar-smoking, late night television personality in the 1970's in Northern California. Wilkins appeared on KCRA (Channel 3, Sacramento), KTVU (Channel 2, San Francisco/Oakland) and KXTL (Channel 40, Sacramento). His main claim to fame was hosting Creature Features, a "midnight movie" double feature that specialized in sci-fi and horror movies. In addition to introducing and commenting on the features, Wilkins would bring on guests-- and that's what true fans were waiting for-- Christopher Lee, Ray Harryhausen, Leonard Nimoy, Forest J. Ackerman.

In 1977, he also starred in and launched a weekday afterschool sci-fi program for kids on KTVU, Captain Cosmic, which introduced local audiences for the first time to Ultraman, Johnny Socko and his Giant Robot, Space Giants, Spectreman, Star Blazers, and when they ran low on these, Flash Gordon serials from the 1930s.

Wilkins left television in 1979 to continue his advertising career (he promoted Chuck E. Cheese pizza restaurants) . Retired now, he lives in Reno, Nevada, and occasionally makes personal appearances in Sacramento.

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And except for those days I had soccer practice, I never missed an episode of Captain Cosmic.

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