Lip Balm! Similar to Chap Stick. Used to heal, moisturize, and protect dry lips.

Made by Blistex Inc.

Blistex Lip Medex is the balm in the blue tin available at drugstores everywhere. It tingles when you apply it kind of like Vicks VapoRub does, but it doesn't weigh your face down the same way it does your chest.

See also : Lip Heroin

One of the things that justifies the existence of the United States. Turns the most terribly tortured of lips back into functioning parts of one's body in a matter of hours.

Curiously, this seems to be a blank spot on the map of male culture. Few men know what Blistex is; hardly any use it (I am one of the exceptions). On the other hand, almost all women both know it and use it. Frankly, I don't get it. However stupid this is, this also means you could be considered gay for using Blistex, since it would put you in the same odd niche as men who play the flute, who dance etc.

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