Substance which plays a part in the Ultima CRPGs. It is immutable save by magical means, incredibly dense, and it blocks the passage of magical ether (it is exelent in counter-magics). It has been used in the construction of, magical relays (allowing The Guardian to use his magic within worlds he cannot enter), Weapons (The Black Sword), Magical Prisons (which inhibit the use of magic within), armour, Magical doorways, and even buildings. an attempt by the mage Rudyom of Cove to use blackrock for teleportation resulted in a wand which caused the substance to explode.

This is a suburb of Dublin (and quite possibly many other places, there are at least another two places in Ireland of the same name). It has a DART station and a famous boys school notable for it's rugby prowess.

Blackrock is on the coast and is home to two shopping centres (thats a mall for the american audience), they are both small. It's a pleasant enough place, but has no attractions of note. A comfortable place to live, close enough to the city and far enough away as well.

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