Sandycove is the location of the Martello tower in which the novel Ulysses by James Joyce begins. It is a small village with a little harbour into which one can plunge into the snot green scrotumtightening sea.

It is home of the forty foot a Victorian men's bathing place. In Ulysses Buck Mulligan swims here in the morning with Stephen Deadalus looking on, thinking about the slight he had recieved from Buck earlier that morning on top of the martello tower.

This past Blooms day I went to the tower with a friend who was visiting me from Wales. I had returned to Dublin the day before after a two year stint in New York and after having not lived in Dublin for six years.

As you walk around the bend in the road heading up to the tower you can see down into the swimming area. Someone was getting i for a plunge, bollox naked. My friend was modelartly amused at the sight.

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