Belivakus Synthetic is that person that we all used to know. The person who changed our lives irrevocably, whether it was for better or worse. He comes into your life quite un-noticed, and then leaves, leaving nothing but memories that you will have forever. Tainting every day for which you them. They take you places you never imagined you would go, where you can never return from...

The phrase Belivakus Synthetic in the combination of a mis-heard word from an episode of Ren and Stimpy, and a word (synthetic) that just gave the phrase the feel it needed. It was the alias of a person I used to know, and so I will call him as such, to preserve his anonymity, as well as mine within this vastness, which is Everything2.

I met him originally in my very first year of school, and he stayed with me for 10 years until we both went to different high schools. He taught me about profanity, and drugs and girls and all the other important subjects a growing boy needs to know about. The things that he told me over the course of that decade will always be embedded in my memory, they are my anecdotes, they are my stories. But my memory is, along with everything else, slowly fading away, and so I am going to post these memories, to preserve them. I do not want to forget, and some of these stories may help out other people along their paths as well.

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