An alternative choice to religion, philosophy and any mindset that insists in certain parameters, excluding the possibilities set and described by other faiths and elaborate systems of thought. This mindset allows one to tolerate all concepts and beliefs, without being restricted to one doctrine or defying others with subjective logic and ill-comprised notions and assumptions.

Is there a god? I believe in the possibility. Is there no god? I believe in the possibility. Is there a Santa Claus? An Easter Bunny? The Tooth Fairy? I believe in the possibility. UFOs? Did aliens make the Crop Circles or just rowdy pranksters? Angels? Demons? Gaia aka mother nature? Ghosts and paranormal phenomena? I believe in the possibility. Did Jesus Christ die on the cross and come back from the dead to atone for our sins? Was Buddha more than just a very wise rolly-polly man? Did Muhammed go to the moutain or did the mountain come to him? Is Allah great? Has Elvis not truly left the building? I believe in the possibility. Is there a heaven and a hell? Is there Nirvana where you achieve total nothingness with the universe? Are there truly greek gods on Mount Olympus? Valhalla? The Happy Hunting Ground? Is there no afterlife at all? I believe in the possibility.

Are the republicans right? Are the democrats? The capitalists, socialists and communists? Are anarchists full of shit or not? I believe in the possibility. Is abortion right or wrong? Do we need gun control or should each individual have the right to defend himself? Can there ever be a truly comprehensive national health program? Can we ever hope to erase poverty? Greed? Can we hope to cure cancer? AIDS? The common cold? I believe in the possibility.

Believe in the possibility. It's really easy once you try. The more you do it, the easier it gets. This isn't a religion in and of itself. If it were some kind of theology, it would itself become the very thing it's designed to circumvent. It is simply a choice and a state of mind or being to learn to live by.

You may say Im a dreamer,
but Im not the only one... - John Lennon; Imagine

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