17 Hepworth Arcade
Silver Street
Tel: O1482 581804

Beasleys. What can I say about this shop? You walk down the arcade, it's the shop second to the end. The sign looks old and battered but that is how you like it, it looks familiar and you start to think about the wonderful things you have picked out from previous visits. This shop is magical. As you pass the other shops, books, clothes, cards, beads, music, electric stuff you can see the sign - almost staring at you, wishing you go on inside. The arcade floors are old and worn, the walls are dark and dull but where you are going is warm and happy. You can fit in. Heaven.

The shop is decorated in various colours. Yellows, greens, blues. Some walls are donned with posters, flyers and clothes making the shop look 'alternative' as they call it in Hull. You have to be wierd, different, funky to enter this shop. The decoration portrays the type of people who enter it and that is probably what they were aiming for in their decor.

As you step into the shop there is a small, red, wooden counter on the right with a smiling face behind. You smile, you nod and then you wander. To your left is a glass counter, inside is jewellery of all colours, shapes and sizes. It sparkles with glitter and you stare in wonderment. On top of the counter is a mixture of gig flyers for local Hull bands and many a free postcards. If you want any of them you are free to take them, you grab a few and shove them into your bag, something to read later. Let's move on now. Both walls are filled with clothes, some new, some old. all the same they are magical. Bright colours, funky patterns, worn cords, ripped jeans, hats, bags, wooly scarves, jackets. Any clothes item you could possibly want is in this shop, in any shape, size and wierd colour.

In the middle of the shop is a round, low table. It is covered in some kind of army blanket, it's a kind of greeny colour, old and looking kind of drab. It doesn't look too nice but the things on it, well, they are outstanding. Amazing, even. Big, bright rings. Flowers. Butterflies. Plain. Fancy. Whatever you want on a ring you can have basically. You ponder over the rings for some time, not sure which one you want or which one you can afford. Around the bottom of the table hang army satchel bags in yellow, blue, green and black in large, medium or small. Take your pick. And, as you walk around the table you randomly knock them off but the owner doesn't care, she is like your friend, your best friend, and has done it a million times before herself! The table is laden with goodies. Stripy tights. Fishnets. Coloured tights. Caps. Berrets. Wooly hats. Rings. Pointy shoes. Boots. Knickers. Socks.

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