Juggling with rings:
Rings are generally agreed to be harder to juggle than balls, but not as hard as clubs. This is just a rule of thumb though; my brother is better at rings than balls, and I'm better at clubs than rings.

The three ring cascade is fairly easy... throw the rings a little higher than you would balls, since they're bigger and hit each other more easily. Throw and catch the rings in a vertical grip.

One easy trick with rings is under the arm. Just stick the hand with the ring in it under the opposite arm, and throw it straight upwards to the normal height. Then quickly move the first hand back to catch the downcoming ring. A brief two in one hand is also very easy.

One trick specific to rings is the switch-round. Catch the ring with your hand twisted the other way round, then flick the ring round to the proper position. Very good, but how do you use this? Simply paint one side of your rings a different colour from the other (or tape two rings together), then stand side-on to the audience, and do a switch-round. Tada! Magically colour-changing rings!

Other silly ring tricks:
- Throw the ring up with lots of spin, then hold another ring horizontally, and catch the first ring on the second. The first ring should spin inside the second, and the spinning motion should keep it vertical. Flicking it back up into the air needs a bit of practice, though.

- As before, give the ring plenty of spin, but throw it slightly away from you. Wait for it to hit the floor, change direction, and come right back to you! Then flick it up with another ring held horizontally, or kick it back up with your foot.

- The classic: hold the ring horizontally, and throw it up side-over-side. Judge the correct moment, and then stick your head underneath it, giving yourself an impromtu necklace. Very silly. You can also insert various limbs inside the ring.

Patterns which look nice with rings include columns, boston mess, and pistons; basically anything with the rings going up and down in columns.

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