Juggling two balls in one hand. Slightly harder than the Three Ball Cascade, but easier than columns.

There are several ways to juggle two in one hand:

- Side by side. The balls stay in their alloted columns. If you throw another ball up and down with your free hand, and in time with one of the balls, you are juggling columns. If you do two hands at once (i.e. four balls), you are juggling pistons.

- Inside to out. This is the easiest way (according to most people) to do it. If you do this with both hands, you are doing the four ball fountain.

- Outside to in. This is the hardest way to do it, since the balls always try to move all over the place. If you do it with both hands at once, you are juggling the four ball reverse fountain.

Club jugglers: two clubs in one hand is a lot harder than two balls in one hand! You will probably have the most luck throwing them side by side, although you should also try inside to out. (Especially if you are planning to move onto the four club fountain.) Most people say that it is easier to throw doubles instead of singles. (i.e. two spins instead of one.)

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