Album released in 2001 by the pop-metal outfit, Lullacry.

This album's sound and lyrics do much to remind the listener of a scorned lover, copying bands such as Lita Ford, but without the 80's feel to it. Changing from the racy "Embrace Me", through to the slow and sad "Into your Heart" the track placement seems quite random, and the tracks do not shift smoothly from one to another, but nevertheless, the songs are quite well written, considering the genre.

Most would consider the highlight of the album to be title track "Be My God", but after listening to it a few times, it becomes quite flat and boring, while the real value of the album lies in the tracks, "Trust" and "I Don't Mind" both quite varied, yet easy for lovers of many music genres to get into.

Quite a good album overall, but it doesn't stand up to their earlier work, "Sweet Desire"

Track Listing
1. Embrace Me
2. Be My God
3. Without the Dreamer
4. Into Your Heart
5. Trust
6. Pain, Walk With Me
7. I Don't Mind
8. Damn You
9. Bonfires of Time
10. Thorn of the Rose
11. Firequeen

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