Five cast members from Babylon 5 (B5), united musically in the album "Trying to Forget":

Bill Mumy (Lennier): songwriter, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Claudia Christian (Ivanova): vocals
Mira Furlan (Delenn): vocals
Peter Jurasik (Londo): vocals
Andreas Katsulas (G'Kar): vocals

Most of the instruments were played by non-cast musicians Jennifer Condos (bass), Chris Ross (percussion), and Harpo Hilfman (keyboards).

The flavor of the Be Five ranges from jazzy and bright to bluesy and morose, and it's clear to me that everyone in the session had a good time. It is, as Bill Mumy says in the liner notes, "more than (just) some TV guys' novelty music".

However, it is also that, as the Be Five are aware; the last track on "Trying to Forget" is the hilarious and heartfelt "It's Just a TV Show", their hard-hitting "get a life" to well-meaning fans.

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