Genre of music. Also known as bootlegs or mashups.

The basic concept is the mixing of two popular songs. Acapella (vocal track only) from song A, and instrumental from song B. Most of the time, the more recognizable the better.

dsico - "Love Will Freak Us" (Missy Elliot vocal "Get Ur Freak on" and Joy Division instrumental "Love Will Tear Us Apart")
Freelance Hellraiser - "A Stroke of Genie-us" (Christina Aguilera vocal and The Strokes instrumental).
Kylie VS New Order - "Can't Get Blue Monday Out of My Head"
Yg - "Ice in the Sun" (Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby vocal and Weezer's "Island in the Sun" instrumental)

The combinations are without boundaries. Some mix a new song with a new song, and some an 80's song with a 70's song. Some tracks have broken from this pop on pop trend, and feature a popular song from a non-pop genre mixed with obvious pop (Ex: bumtschak's "The Robots assimilate Phil Collins in the Kraftwerk tonight," Kraftwerk's "The Robots" instrumental & Phil Collins's "In the Air Tonight" vocal). Most artists and fans share a general attitude that the most extreme genre difference is the best. Humor is an integral part of the process.

The "quality" of the tracks is inherently lo-fi, because of the make-shift nature of the musical process. However, some have introduced glossy FX & quality engineering, along with intense beat cutting to produce tracks almost irrecognizable from the original (Ex: dsico).

Due to stress of copyright laws, sites that host bastard pop tunes have been known to be shut down, or artists forced to leave.

The most popular way to create Bastard Pop is with software, especially Acid Pro. This software (along with Cubase, Logic Audio, Cakewalk, Pro Tools, etc.) allows one to drop in wave, mp3, and other formats along a timeline, then shift and cut the files together.

Artists of this genre are usually DJ's, electronic musicians, computer musicians, or hobby information junkies. Fans of the genre range from the suburban spouse using a Napster-derivative to online community friends of the artists.

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