Base raping (sometimes abbreviated into a single world, baseraping, or even just 'raping') is the practice of entering an enemy base and destroying everything inside while playing a multiplayer video game. Please note that this somewhat distasteful term is not my own, but one used by the online gaming community. So, don't use it when trying to convince your missus that playing Battlefield 1942 all night is a friendly, healthy thing.


The basic idea behind a base rape is to suppress the enemy in their own territory - to back them up against the wall in their back yard so you have total domination of the rest of the map, since an effective offense can generally only be mounted with a secure foothold in the form of the main base. A scorched earth policy is key, as everything of value should be destroyed and as quickly as possible. In addition, the enemy needs to be pinned down and prevented from repairing the base or assembling an effective defense and driving back the base rape. Base raping will likely get the attackers a large amount of points in a very short time, but can also result in being kicked and banned even faster if server rules forbid it. Also note that merely trapping the enemy in their base is not really considered base raping, as they are free to spawn, equip and prepare without being attacked - being unable to get out of the base is a different matter. As each game allows for varying degrees of destruction and griefing, I will provide some examples of what would be considered 'raping a base'.

Tribes 2
In Tribes 2, base raping usually consists of someone with powerful demolition weapons entering the enemy base structure and destroying the objects within. The weapon of choice is usually the fusion mortar wielded by a heavy armour, although a lighter armour carrying a satchel charge can be just as effective. The targets are primarily the generators and inventory stations, usually followed by any targets of opportunity such as turrets, sensors, and force field generators. Destroying the exterior installations like the vehicle pad is usually not considered part of base rape, as these are outside the main buildings and considered fair game for a passing bomber or tank.

The priority for the defenders is to get the generators and inventory station operational, as the basic equipment load is not suitable for any sustained assault, while simultaneously eliminating the base rapers themselves. A few maps, like Recalescence and Katabatic feature very large base buildings that base rapers can become entrenched in, operating mini-supply depots to prevent the base being retaken. The "retake our base" voice macro (VBR) is your friend.

Battlefield 1942/Desert Combat
Using Desert Combat as an example, base raping is achieved by entering the enemy base and blasting disoriented players to bits as they spawn. Very similar to spawn killing, with the exception that the baseraper is usually in either an armoured vehicle or helicopter and attacking people who have not had time to reach a vehicle or take cover. The distinction must be made, since the standard method of play in the game - capturing flags by staying in their vicinity until they turn to your colour - will probably involve a bit of what could be called 'spawn camping' as you shoot enemy players spawning to defend the flag.

Most servers consider the main base to be off limits to attack, and kick/bans follow if you dare venture in. Sniping the base is frowned upon, but rolling around it in a tank killing defenseless players and blowing up unoccupied vehicles isn't considered sporting. The long range weapons present in the game like the self-propelled howitzers, SCUD launcher and multiple launch rocket artillery are also considered baseraping if they are used to fire into the enemy base; as is landing a spawn vehicle like the Pave low, Spectre or Mi-17 in the enemy base to ensure your team can immediately respawn should the enemy manage to stop your first attempt at raping their base.

Operation Flashpoint MFCTI
MFCTI for Operation Flashpoint is a mod that enables the game to be played like an RTS game, including building base structures. Base raping in MFCTI takes place almost exclusively using a gunship helicopter using FFARs, and MFCTI includes an option to disable these numerous, powerful rockets for this very reason. The base raper flies over the base and pounds at the buildings with a barrage of rockets. The primary target is the mobile HQ which is key to building the base (you can't build new buildings without it, and it can't be replaced) but parked vehicles, vehicle factories and any other equipment is fair game. A few passes will expend the helo's rocket pods and should prompt an ardous repair and recovery period for the victims - assuming their repair equipment has not also been destroyed.

The defenders can place mounted machineguns and anti-air units to defend against such incursions, but a successful base rape in MFCTI almost always seals the fate of the other side. The only complete defense against this sort of attack is to build a secondary base, and hide repair trucks and your mobile HQ away where they are not likely to be found.

In conclusion, base raping is an extremely effective tactic, but it will not win you friends and may cost you your access to the server you try it on. Remember, games are meant to be fun, and being liquified by a fusion mortar the moment you spawn is not fun.

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