Barr pineapple is a pineapple flavour carbonated soft drink made by Barr, the same people who make Irn-Bru, Scotland's other national drink. It tastes a little like Lilt, but naturally with less of a citrus tang. It also has less of an artificial feel, making it a lot more refreshing, and it doesn't leave your mouth dry in the same way Lilt does. Just to make things even better, it comes in the same 750ml glass bottles that Irn-Bru does, which can be returned for a refund of 20p. Since they cost about 70p in the first place, that makes a bottle cheaper than a standard 330ml can, while simultaneously containing over twice the amount of liquid. Barr rule.

The listed ingredients of Barr pineapple are:
Carbonated water, sugar, pineapple juice (5%), citric acid, flavourings, preservatives (E202, E211, E223), sweetener (sodium saccharin), and colours (E104, E110).

And, of course, it has the usual warning: If spilt, this product may stain.

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