Cherryade is a carbonated cherry flavoured soft drink. It is made by Barr, the lovely people who make Irn Bru and many other refreshing beverages here in Scotland. It tastes a little like cherry Kool-Aid would if made with carbonated sugar water. For those of us here in Britain who are denied the wonder of Kool-Aid and it's complete lack of any natural ingredients whatsoever, think of what a fizzy drink made of cherry boiled sweets would taste like. It also has the ever-present "if spilt, this product may stain" warning on the label that seems to be common to all of Barr's soft drinks sold in the famous glass bottles. It's extremely drinkable; I've nearly finished the 750ml (1.5 pint) bottle I bought twenty minutes ago.

The major ingredients of Cherryade are carbonated water, sugar, citric acid, flavourings, sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame k,(no, I don't know either)), Preservatives and colourings.

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