Baalbek (Ba'labakk) is a town in the northeast of Lebanon 86km from Beirut. After the conquest of Alexander the Great, it was named Heliopolis (the town of the sun). It is the site of a temple acropolis, with three cut stone blocks weighing between 800 and 1200 tons each. These stones, known as the trilithon, are 60 feet long, and 12-14 feet wide. There are a number of Roman temples there, including the temple of Jupiter (the Great Citadel), the temple of Venus, and the temple of Bacchus (god of wine).

It is debated whether it could have been possible for the ancient Romans to have moved these huge stones to construct the enormous temple of Jupiter. It is interesting though that the greatest Roman structures were created 1500 miles from the city of Rome. According to the Cassiopaeans, the temple terrace was built by the ancient Atlanteans and early Sumerians. Supposedly they used some technique of sound wave focusing to cut and transport the stones. Their goal in creating these temples was to recreate the Nephilim.

There are probably a number of other theories about the stones and temples. Unfortunately, the ruins became quite damaged because the area was used as a training ground by Hizbullah terrorists.

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